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How to Stop Sabotaging Your Success

You are your own worst enemy. We have all heard that phrase, yet we continue to sabotage our success. People sabotage their success through negative self-talk, unhealthy habits, and dwelling on past experiences. Life is a roller coaster of valleys and peaks where one day, you feel like you’re running on all eight cylinders, then falling down the most bottomless abyss.

Our brains are designed to highlight messages repeated, most often. This repetition generates our mental mindset, so what we think builds what we produce. With continuous negative talk towards yourself, your brain makes a negative foundation. Author Shad Helmsetter defines negative self-talk as a “self-defeating attitude leading straight to failure.” On the contrary, high self-efficacy leads to believing in yourself and growing through your experiences.

Unhealthy habits lead to procrastination due to a lack of energy. Multiple studies show unhealthy habits derail the drive of individuals. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is imperative, avoiding sabotaging your ability to succeed. Healthy habits breed the energy and drive for us to obtain our goals. As we age, healthy eating and exercise become vital to our success.

Finally, dwelling on past failures decreases self-esteem, holding people back from success. Understanding your coping mechanism when you experience failure leads to future victories. People who understand it’s not IF I fail, but when I fail. For example, when I fail, I will reflect on the experience focusing on continuous improvement with my growth mindset. The difference between reflecting on the past and dwelling on the past is the difference between winning and failing.

Reaching our goals is much easy when we stop sabotaging our success. Focusing on stopping negative self-talk, stopping unhealthy habits, and stopping how we dwell on past experiences leads to a significantly higher probability of success.

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