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Rise Up Leadership LLC brings immediate value to you and your company.

I have focused on training teams in leadership, management, and resiliency for nearly two decades. Over the past ten years, I have coached and instructed many highly motivated senior managers, helping them earn highly desired executive positions. 
Simon Sinek stated, "Employees don't leave organizations, they leave bosses." Rise Up Leadership, LLC focuses on building teams and allowing people to thrive by utilizing their highest strengths to become better leaders.

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Lessons from Experience

Eric Risner

Eric is a dedicated coach with a wealth of experience in guiding and mentoring athletes. With twenty years of military service, Eric holds certifications as a Professional Scrum Master, Agile Certified Practitioner, and Resilience Building Leader Professional - Trainer.

Eric's coaching philosophy revolves around adaptive leadership, recognizing the importance of balancing strength based leadership and pushing teams beyond their perceived limits. Emphasizing our values of Radiate, Innovate, Serve, and Endure, he instills a sense of purpose and integrity. Through the use of stretch goals and accountability, Eric excels at motivating and inspiring his clients, driving them to achieve new heights of success.

At the core of Eric's personal and professional life are his strong values and beliefs. As a Christian, he remains steadfast in his commitment to spreading the light of the Lord, allowing his faith to guide his interactions and actions.

In addition to his coaching endeavors, Eric is an active member of the Savannah Sunrise Rotary Club and a participant in the Leadership Savannah Class of 2023. These engagements reflect his dedication to serving and making a positive impact within his community.


Our flexible make Rise Up Leadership, LLC a perfect choice for continuous improvement, growing business culture, and adding value to your career, offering the following training options:
·       One-on-one instructor-led online
·       Instructor-led online workshops and,
·       Instructor-led on-site workshops

We offer veterans, police, fire, first responders, and teachers discounts.
I look forward to adding value to your company.


Our mission is to improve work environments, job satisfaction, and retention in today's challenging world. We will provide vital coaching and leadership lessons around your company building your team towards a better tomorrow.

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